COVID-19 Hospitality

Best Practice Training.

Ensuring your venue is ready to reopen.


As hospitality businesses start to prepare to come back into the industry, cafes, restaurants and catering businesses need to understand their obligations and best practice operations for themselves and their employees.


Restaurant & Catering Association have developed and designed the “COVID-19 Hospitality Best Practice” micro-credential to equip the industry with an online training tool that will assist in preparing them for returning to business.


The topics covered from this credential are:


  1. Social distancing understanding

  2. Creating a Social Distancing Plan (SDP) to suit your organisation

  3. Staff induction for working during COVID-19

  4. Working during COVID-19

  5. Managing customers during social distancing

  6. Cleaning premises and equipment during COVID-19


  • Hospitality Business Blueprint

  • Employee temperature check release form

  • Hospitality best practice plan

  • Staff induction post COVID-19

  • Digital badge which can be added to your LinkedIn profile, digital streams and CV and/or resume


$24.95 per person

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